Helping Homeless Vets in San Diego, CA

We want to thank Chanel 2 for printing the feature about Richard Valero and his path to the creation of the Veterans Independence Project here in San Diego.

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San Diego, CA – Veterans Independence Project came into existence with the sole aim to provide shelter for veterans who have now become homeless. The organization is committed to providing permanent, affordable, supportive, safe, and secure housing solutions for this class of people.

Focused on rescuing veterans from helplessness and homelessness, the team at Veterans Independence Project ensures that assisted veterans are offered all of the help needed to ensure that they remain in a financially stable condition. This is implemented through business and entrepreneurial training which takes them through the essentials of being self-sufficient while also equipping them with the traits necessary to mentor the future members of the Veterans Independence Project.

Describing the Veterans Independence Project and its approach to solving the problem that has been identified in the San Diego, CA community, the organization’s representative, Richard Valero, said: “Our first objective is to get homeless veterans into safe supportive housing where they can begin to regain their sense of self and security. At which point we can begin to evaluate their individual needs and help pair them with the resources that they can use to start rebuilding their lives. Each individual will be separately evaluated and interviewed, as each person will have their own set of struggles and needs.”

The Veterans Independence Project has a clear goal. The founder of the organization said: “It has been a long road. In 2014, the Veterans independence project received a tax exempt status from the internal revenue service. The Veterans independence project is a 501C3 nonprofit charity. Veterans independence project’s goal is to end veterans homelessness, to provide affordable, supportive housing, training and education, long term employment through self employment, case management and mentorship.”

The founder added: “On any given night, there are an estimated 40,000 homeless veterans living without care and hope. I have found that the veteran’s homeless issue is complex. In my opinion, the stigma veterans homelessness persists, then the veterans will be refused treatment and the eventual downward spiral into substance abuse and homelessness.”

“The priority for the veteran’s independence project was to purchase properties, to provide housing for homeless veterans. Without financing, the veterans’ independence project struggled many years to acquire the needed housing for homeless veterans. The housing that would be required to house large numbers of homeless veterans would need to be apartment buildings, motels, hotels.”

“I negotiated a master lease with a landlord of 225 apartment units in San Diego. The Veterans independence project has priority over all the units that become vacant. That is the most qualified housing for veterans’ independents projects program, and must enroll in the veteran’s administration healthcare system, enroll in a community college or a trade school, must be willing to have part time employment, must volunteer for community service 20 hours per month.”

“Currently veterans independence project has 59 veterans housed, 59 veterans enrolled in community college or trade school, 59 veterans were employed part time prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, the veteran’s independence project has 27 program qualified veterans on the waiting list for housing.”

Veterans Independence Project is open to taking donations from individuals and organizations that share the same dream and passion for veterans.

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